Acrux is a Brazilian brand that enhances the joy of practicing the outdoor sports you love, taking care of the environment around you.



Based on the perception of the need to develop quality materials for rowing, especially adapted to hot climates, the brand was designed by two young rowers from Botafogo and engineering students from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro: João Maurício Costa and Melquiades Paiva.

Acrux is the brightest star in the constellation of Crux. Despite being one of the smallest constellations, this is one of the most important, since it is present in the Brazilian flag and clearly guides the direction of the South Pole.

Similarly, Acrux is a brand that stands out for meeting the demand for athletes who play sports that have high specificity, always with a pioneering stance, which directs technological innovation for each modality.



In addition to technological innovation and the enchantment of customers, Acrux seeks to have a positive impact on society, acting on the ecosystem that surrounds the sports in which we are passionate.

To avoid the waste generated by large inventories, Acrux started to produce all orders on demand. In addition, we reuse leftover fabrics to develop and produce new products.


Acrux Team

All professional or amateur athletes who wear Acrux are part of Acrux Team.

We are more than a Team, we are a community and a family with hundreds of sports enthusiasts, who spread the passion around the world.

In addition, Acrux has a team of high-performance athletes who wear, test and advertise all of our products.